Rotor Multimedia Co.
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About Us
Rotor Multimedia was created to provide creative, cost-effective aerial drone solutions for businesses and individuals in the Philadelphia, PA region. 

Our pilots are passionate photographers, travelers and storytellers. As one of the first companies to bring modern drone technologies to the Philadelphia real estate & inspection markets, we are united by our mission to fly safely while creating beautiful photographs and breath-taking video for our clients.

Each and every Rotor Multimedia pilot is an experienced professional photographer that has passed the FAA's strict Part 107 Small Unmanned Aerial System certification process. We take our work seriously, researching the airspace and creating detailed flight plans for every mission we fly. This commitment to safety allows us to carry up to $10 million dollars in liability insurance per flight.
Meet The Team
Rand has an incredibly diverse skillset that continues to help Rotor Multimedia thrive. After studying photography, filmmaking and screenwriting at Drexel University, Rand began his career working for television stations and photography studios like QVC, Inc. and PBS. Rand moved from TV to music and spent the next 10 years in media and live event production, working with everyone from BB King to ZZ Top in venues like the Keswick Theatre and The Mann Center. In 2013 The American Law Institute hired Rand to manage production teams and set up a new content distribution system to record and stream their legal educational programming nationwide. Rotor Multimedia was founded on his love of flight, photography and new technologies.
Rand E. Bradbury Jr.
Founder, Chief Pilot
"I can't stop thinking of new ways that drones can help people!"
Alex has spent most of his life directing documentaries, shooting television commercials and growing some of the best tomatoes you'll ever eat. Alex's formal education from Temple University is in radio, television and film, but his passion for horticulture is just as strong as his love of storytelling. His experience helps him get some of the best drone shots of gardens and landscaping that you'll ever see, a real asset for our real estate videos.
Alex Calzi
"Don't forget to get a shot of the garden!"
Kasia recieved her MSc in Experimental Physics and her Phd in Biochemistry from universities in Poland before moving to the United States to work at Jefferson University as a research scientist. Her relentless attention to detail and intimate knowledge of physics has been invaluable to our team. Kasia currently splits her time between Rotor Multimedia and the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, PA.
Kasia Bradbury
Resident Scientist
"I'll do the math, just to be safe. Physics is easy!"
Are Rand and Kasia married?
Yes! Rand and Kaisa are married and have 3 cats.
Sami and his twin Beijing were born in the weeds in front of Rand's West Philly home in 2007. Sadly Beijing passed in 2015 but Sami isn't going anywhere, he runs the household!
Sushi and his twin brother Sake were adopted as kittens in 2016. Sushi loves to talk and will hunt anything that moves, including your toes.
Sake is completely insane. He almost never sleeps and has endless energy. When he does sleep it's almost always with his favorite new friend, Sami.