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Aerial Videography
Flying video cameras that can go almost anywhere you can imagine.
  1. The Calzi House
    Once an abandoned summer vacation property, The Calzi House has remained in the same Glenside, PA family for the last 3 generations.
  2. Drone Inspection Services
    Roofing, gutters, weathervanes, lightning rods, storm damage... Our drones can inspect them all quickly, safely and cheaply!
  3. Now flying over Philadelphia, the suburbs and beyond!
    Our drones are in the air and ready to provide you with aerial photo, video, inspection and surveillance services!



Rotor Multimedia chooses music that matches the style of the property, the season and the ultimate goal for the video. Music is licensed for each individual project, ensuring all legal requirements are met for sharing on Youtube, Vimeo, all social media platforms and even conventional television commercials.

Have very specific music requirements? Let our composers create it for you in our production studio!
Does your property have modern architecture, appliances and fixtures? You might want to consider a video with a faster pace, electronic music and saturated colors.

Properties with a more historic feel and old-growth landscaping often benefit from a video with a slower pace that features crisp whites and acoustic instruments in the music.
Aerial Photography
Stunning pictures from the sky.
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Architectural Photography
Capturing the little things that make your property special.
Every angle of your property, including some you might've never considered!
Fully stylized or simple, tasteful coverage; it's up to you. Stylists, floor plans and other options available.
Ground Photography By The Experts
Long exposures, image stitching and other techniques are used to make your lights and windows glow with warmth.
When we don't need to fly, we call Linda. Rotor Multimedia has partnered with Linda McManus Images to provide us with the most talented and experienced architectural/lifestyle photographers working in the field today.