Rotor Multimedia Co.
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  1. Aerial Photography
    starting at $250
    Aerial Photography
    Our professional photographers pilot the latest aerial drones fitted with high resolution cameras, capturing incredible photographs of your property.
  2. Aerial Videography
    starting at $400
    Aerial Videography
    Beautiful 4k aerial video footage of your property, brought to you by our professional videographers using the latest equipment. Perfect for use on mobile devices, Youtube, Facebook and more.
  3. Inspections
    starting at $250
    Put away the ladders and scaffolding, let us do the work for you! Our aerial drones will stream live footage to you and your contractor while they visually inspect your roof, gutters, chimney, mast, weathervane, etc.
  4. Architectural Photography
    starting at $250
    Architectural Photography
    Stunning photographs of the interiors and exteriors of your home by professional and experienced architectural photographers.
  5. Architectural Videography
    starting at $200
    Architectural Videography
    Virtually walk through your home while watching our 4k videos of the interior and exterior of your property.
  6. Voice Over Recording
    starting at $100
    Voice Over Recording
    Tell the story of your property with our professional voice over services. Writing, casting, recording and editing... everything you need to add the finishing touches to your videos.
  7. Surveillance
    starting at $750
    See who's on your property, how they got there and what they're doing. Let them know they are being watched or record them and submit the footage to the proper authorities with our aerial drones. (some limitations apply)
  8. Estimates
    starting at $200
    Submit accurate estimates quickly while saving money using our aerial drone services for estimates. Perfect for roofing, chimney repair, new construction, gutter cleaning, landscapers, farmers & more!
  9. Job Progess Reports
    starting at $200
    Job Progess Reports
    Keep up to date on the progress of new construction or renovation projects with our aerial drone photographs and videos. Monitor the use of inventory, manage construction waste and track the growth of vegetation with regular visual inspections.